Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peace - Little Glimpses

Yesterday glowed with little glimpses of peace.

My daughter played happily outside while I sat under the canopy and checked email. My sons played joyously together and even found ways to include their little sister. Last night, my second son and I played "Sorry" by ourselves. We were in a quiet room, no TV, no noise, just us playing a game. It felt idyllic. While we played, DH and our older son watched "The Universe." Our older son also compiled a list of "good consequences" for doing unpleasant tasks. It worked. He took his evening antibiotics without a fuss and earned his reward. It worked this morning, too. (Amen!) And on the financial side, I worked on the checkbook and everything looks settled for the month. After the upheaval of last week, knowing we're back on track fills me with satisfaction and peace. (Amen!)

All of this was in spite of second son having pink eye in both eyes. In spite of pink eye coursing through the family. And the blow-up with first son over antibiotics in the morning.

What was the sweetest moment of the day? What little glimpse of peace and perfection did God hold onto until the end of the day? As you know, our boy has pink eye in both eyes. The medicine stings his eyes. Our pediatrician had said that if we couldn't get the drops in their open eyes we could hold them on their backs, let them close their eyes, and aim the drops into the inside corner of said closed eyes. When they blink, the drops will go in their eyes. Brilliant advice.

So last night, our son would not allow drops. I waited until he was asleep for the night, moved him onto his back, and administered the drops. He woke up just enough to say, "ouwee, ouwee, ouwee, ouwee." What a peek into his heart. Who wakes up in pain and says, "ouwee?" I hate to admit it, but I would probably swear like a sailor and possibly throw a few punches. But my boy... I love that his heart is so sweet and pure. I know he's only six and probably won't say "ouwee" when he's sixty, but right now my heart is full with the knowledge that despite his having a mother who would swear like a sailor and throw a few punches, he only mutters "ouwee." My heart is full. And peaceful.

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